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Frequently Asked Questions

We have carefully selected the most common questions asked by our customers and users.


Here, you can find detailed documentation about Wispro, as well as guides, tutorials and videos.


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How do you buy a Wispro license?

Our purchasing process is very simple and done online.
First, you have to click the PRO button on the Home page.
Once you have filled in all of the required information, you select all the modules you want.
Then you review those selected in your purchase summary.
You can change any module selection during this last step.
If you do so, this last step will send you an updated purchase summary.
Lastly, you select your preferred payment method.

Buy license

Where can I see the authorized distributors for each country?

All official and authorized distributors are published in the web site.
The prices are the same worldwide, we only have one official price to get a license. The official currency is United States Dollar.
We recommend contacting your local distributor for appropriate and fast advice. The distributor can issue legal invoices for your company.

List of Official Distributors

Which are the accepted payment methods?

Official payment methods are published on the website and can be seen during the last step of the purchasing process. You can use any credit card through the BlueSnap payment gateway and we accept transfers through Western Union. Also, we accept PAYPAL and there are other authorized methods.

How long does my PRO license last?

There are no time limits on Licenses. This means that once you buy the license, it stands forever. It is a one-time payment. There are no monthly maintenance fees. There is NO other extra charge besides the initial purchase.

Is it necessary to pay for annual license renewals?

It isn´t necessary to renew your license every year and with your first purchase, you get one free year of updates. However, after the first year, you won´t be able to install new published updates as they happen. There is an option for you to buy a renewal, which includes an additional year of updates. Another very important benefit with your renewal is that you also get one year of BACKUPS on the Wispro cloud which only occur with an active license.

Renew license

How do I activate a FREE or a PRO license?

The activation process begins when you follow the steps for FREE or PRO registration. After this, you only have to click on the “Activate” button to finish the process. Then, you will be redirected to the Customer Web Portal and you will have to fill in some personal information forms. Once inside the Customer Web Portal you can validate your license by typing the activation code generated during your installation process. After this, you only have to wait a few moments to receive a confirmation mail from us.


How do I get a full migration of my Wisp?

Our Support Team can make a full migration of your Wisp following all your specific configurations and adding all your users to Wispro. This service has a 100% guarantee for an effective and successful migration and avoids any unexpected failures. We highly recommend this if you have a very complex network infrastructure or if you don´t have any technical staff. You can select this option during the purchasing process where the price for this service is published.

How can I buy new modules?

You can add or remove a module you don´t need at any time. All these operations are done from the Customer Web Portal using the option to “Add or Remove Modules”. When you select a new module to add you see the full price before purchase. Once you make the payment, we will process the new order. Remember that some modules can only be activated starting from a specific version of the program and you will need to install this version to use the module.

Add new modules

What happens when you reach the purchased user limit?

The pricing is defined by the number of users you select. As a first time user, it is necessary that you select the number you need to connect all of your customers. For example, if you have 420 customers in your network, you should select a license for 500 users. Once you have chosen the number corresponding to the amount of clients you have, Wispro will no longer let you add new clients until you pay for the initial amount selected. After, you can create a new order increasing the number of users through the Customer Web Portal. After you complete this operation with us we will increase your order accordingly, to 800 users, for example. Each time you increase the limit you don’t have to pay for the original amount of clients represented in the initial license a second time, you only have to pay for the difference between the original license you had (500) and the new one (800).

Increase Clients

Can I have Supercache working on an independent server?

Supercache is a powerful tool for ISPs that let’s you cache the most viewed content from the WEB on Hard Disk, simultaneously as the user downloads from the web.
Supercache uses impressive state of the art Hardware and provides an excellent service. At first, you can use Supercache as ALL IN ONE together with Wispro, by just adding Hard Disks for the cache.
But as your client base grows and reaches 800 or 1000 users, you will need to install a dedicated independent server for Supercache. Our technicians and engineers will deal with this.


The Wiki or operation manual has all the information you need about installation, configuration and use of Wispro. There, you can find technical plans, explanations and detailed graphics. It can also be printed for future reference. If you need any guide that’s not published here, please ask our Support Team.

Wiki Access


We have a full on-demand support system that works through a pre-paid system where users buy support credits for use at any time at the Customer Web Portal. All new bugs or software errors have no charge.

You can create a new support ticket at any time. The ticket will be valued by our Support Team and then you can accept or reject it according to your needs. Once the support ticket is approved by the customer, we use the support credits you have in your credit account. Then, our Support Team will schedule a time period for working on the ticket with the customer and solving the problem. You can check the progress, make any comment or ask any question at any time. Once we find the solution, the ticket is closed and we appreciate comments about the performance of our Support Team.

The Helpdesk is available from 9:00am to 6:00pm [Argentina local time (GMT/UTC-3)]. We are working on adding new cities and different time zones to be more available to our customers. For emergencies while the helpdesk is not available, you have to create a new support ticket as EMERGENCY so we can help quickly. There is a higher price for tickets that demand immediate attention but we guarantee that we will help you out. We have an issue cost list according to the difficulty of the situation and the time it will take to fix the problem. You can check the list at the Customer Web Portal.