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Download the Wispro Installer (CD/ISO bootable).

Only available for 64-bit
Start Download
In order for the Cache to function properly, we recommend having a PC with the following specifications::
  • Intel I7 or a similar AMD. The lastest generation (The most powerful that can be afforded from that line).

  • RAM Memory: 8 GB.

  • Hard Disks:

  • Maximum or Ideal: 4 HDs for those that mostly support the Mother used (1 for the system and the rest for Supercache)

  • Ideal Disk Size: Caviar “Black” – 500GB or 1TB

  • Network Interface Controllers: 2

Save the Installer

You can save it on a CD or pen drive USB (recommended)

To save it on a pendrive, download the UNebootin program

Then, Take the following steps:

Connect the pendrive for use in the PC (formated and empty).

Execute the UNebootin program right after it finished downloading.

Select the type of installation “Disk Image”.

“Select Image File” and specify the location of the Wispro ISO.

In the “Type” field, indicate “USB” and in “Unit” click on the assigned pendrive

Lastly, Click on “Accept” to Save.

Install Wispro on a server

Only availble for 64-bit.
Once the download is finished and saved on a CD or a USB pendrive, you can begin the installation.

In order to activate your license, take the following steps:

Read instructions sended by email

Click into the link we send you to login at customer web portal

Click to Fill in the Code

Copy the code that you see in “About” in Wispro

Click to update your Wispro license

Read the documented guide

Once that you have finished you can begin to enjoy the Wispro experience...
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