Success Cases


Mendoza - Argentina.

Mauricio Puerta - Owner

For several years now, we have had our WISP in their hands because we rely on Sequireisp/Wispro and believe in their skills and knowledge. They have solved every problem that we have come across. They are great business partners.

Maadullep Spa

Santiago of Chile - Chile

José Ulloa Muñoz

We started our company some time ago with barely 30 clients. Since we began working with the staff of Wispro, our business has multiplied greatly and we now boast 500 clients. This software not only helps me every time I need it, but also it makes every task easier thanks to the modules for invoices, notifications, help desk, traffic log, and data and timetable control, among others. Thanks to Wispro I was finally able to fine-tune my network and expand: I fully recommend it.


Bonao, República Dominicana

William Antonio Ramirez Ortiz

I began in the year 2009, and after a series of attempts with other systems that kept failing as soon as my number of clients increased, I heard of Wispro and decided to change. Since then our network has given a 180 degree change: stability, safety and browsing speed are all outstanding elements. The invoicing and notification modules have speeded up the collection system, a process that used to be done on the phone one by one with each one of our clients. Now everything happens automatically and in a much easier way. Managing over 1,200 clients in only one server, the system has given me plenty of ease and shown me reliability. The truth is, since I started using Wispro, I sleep very well at night.


Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato - Mexico

Israel Mosquedaa

When we started our project, one of our most serious problems involved the administration and control of technical support, which required a large amount of time and resource investment. Wispro came to us with an integral solution by means of a friendly and functional invoice system, which solved our technical support conundrum with an equipment monitoring interface that may be operated by any individual. Thanks to Wispro we have grown exponentially and have been able to reach more than 7,000 clients.

ColombiaTel Telecomunicaciones

Cali - Colombia

Jhon Salcedo – CTO

This company is a wonderful discovery that I made some years ago. I work as a technician responsible for many WISPs in Colombia. Thankfully, we have migrated the over 30 WISPs who depend on me to Sequreisp/Wispro software. The truth is that it was a great change in quality and it keeps improving. As a specialist, I can say that there are very few solutions as thorough as this one in the world.


Mumbai – India

Aqueel Asil - Owner

Being an ISP in India is a difficult task, but since we migrated to Sequreisp/Wispro, it has been much easier and simpler. I now have the ability to put SuperCache on one server and optimize our bandwidth. Also, we use the module logs to keep up with the legal regulations in India. It is awesome to know that new improvements are being released all the time that have been designed just for us.